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“Kara Square from Thinkroot Records provided two custom songs for our game at a very reasonable price!  She was diligent and very efficient, obviously concerned with providing the best quality possible.  I'd highly recommend her to meet your music needs."


Custom Music will capture the exact emotional feel you want to express in your game.  It will save you time by freeing you from the exhausting search for music.  Custom Music gives you full control of your game sound.  Your Game + Custom Music = Awesomeness.


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FreeQuote100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are all about your 100% satisfaction!  Here's how Custom Music works:

  • Submit the FREE Custom Music Quote Form.
  • We will email you within 1-2 business days.
  • Upon agreement, an invoice for half of the project price will be sent through PayPal.
  • After receiving invoice payment, we will assign one of our PRO freelance composers/sound designers to your project and custom music composing begins!
  • 100% Risk Free.  We keep you in the loop.  Demos will be sent to you along the way to guarantee your satisfaction with the musical direction.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  When you are satisfied and approve the final music, the final invoice will be sent through PayPal.

Whether you're making exciting action or adventure games / stimulating puzzle or strategy games / chilling horror, mystery, or crime games / captivating visual novels, RPG, or fantasy games / cute children's or casual games, Thinkroot Records can make EXTRAORDINARY music for YOU!

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