TRR Music Featured in LoveBeat Dancing Game!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with LoveBeat! This super-fun, free-to-play casual rhythm game currently features Kara Square and Piero Peluche's upbeat, folk-pop song "You and I." You can download and play LoveBeat (for FREE!) on Steam or GAMEKING.

And GET THIS: on May 11th, FIVE more Thinkroot Records songs will added to LoveBeat! You'll get to dance to songs by Fottuto Bianco, Moira Waugh, Jack Burgess, Piero Peluche, and Kara Square!

Get your digital feet moving and JOIN THE DANCE PARTY on LoveBeat with Thinkroot Records music!

p.s. Be sure to follow LoveBeat on Facebook!

LoveBeat TRR Screenshot-You and I-600

Banners on TRR